Matratzenentsorgung in München – die Profis wissen, wie es am besten geht


Moving is always a perfect opportunity to look at the things we use (or don’t use) and decide which ones to get rid of. Broken furniture, old mattresses, devices that no longer worked, but which it was always somehow “too bad” to throw away. When you move, you are more likely to finally take the step – if you want to keep things, you also have to move them from A to B. And that is often the crux of the matter.

Moving is therefore one of the best times to  seriously consider mattress disposal in Munich . Is it maybe time for a new mattress? Would you like to have completely new bedroom furniture in your new home? So not only the bed and the mattress that goes with it, but also the wardrobe, the bedside tables, etc. Don’t you know how to dispose of it? No worries? The qualified movers from Munich  will show you the way.

Mattress disposal in Munich  – bulky waste is the keyword

Old mattresses belong to the bulky waste – this is the same everywhere in Germany. At least once a year, bulky waste is collected free of charge from anywhere in Germany and taken to the recycling center. If the waste collection calendar is an ideal match for your move, you are extremely lucky and you should definitely take advantage of it. The night before you simply put out the aforementioned mattress and on the day of collection it will be loaded into the garbage truck. Unfortunately, this is not that easy in most cases – even if some municipalities offer a monthly bulky waste collection, you will most likely have to rely on the performance of the professional movers from Munich  . That’s good though – you’ll find the solution that’s best for you.

Mattress disposal in Munich  – or maybe not disposal after all?

A mattress may still be in good enough condition for someone to use it. While most doctors advise against it, there are many people and organizations who will be happy with a used mattress like this. So you can consider selling the mattress, giving it away or even donating it to an organization. In the case of giving away, however, you should make sure that the goods are to be picked up by the customer himself. This way you avoid transport costs, which can be relatively high for a double bed mattress.

And where is there room for the movers from Munich ?

The movers from Munich  can help you if the mattress really needs to be disposed of and if it needs to be taken to the recycling center. If you have booked the move as a complete package, this will only be a small part of this package – so the costs will also be very manageable. But you will know that beforehand, because we plan every step very carefully.

As soon as you contact us about your move, we will arrange an on-site inspection appointment with you. We would like to assess the situation ourselves first in order to ask you questions and plan the resources for your move. This will be the basis for the offer that will be made for you – only for you and only for this move that you are about to do. We will calculate how many movers from Munich , vehicles, machines and equipment we need to complete your move.


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